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The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

Solastalgia Landscapes & Symbiotic Souls

With his work Luis Gtz R reflects on the profound human need for symbiosis. The fusion between the visual and the tangible is where the pieces of living art are developed which vary in shapes and structures, this time being the
creation of a sculpture that is formed from the concept of the egg.

The interaction of the spectator with the artwork has always been key in art exhibitions, thus creating a language communication where knowledge and expressions are conveyed, leading us as spectators to enjoy the message sent by the artist and also our subjective perception of the message itself.

As art is a more internal means of expression that can be said to "touch the soul," it becomes the perfect communication element to denote the problem that throughout the era of the Holocene has led us to suffer. In other words, our humanity has existed in human centrism, neglecting the continuity of our species and the planet.

Thus, due to the urgency, the conceptual structure of artistic pieces was developed. Initially, they were formed using more conventional materials, such as contemporary fine art. However, after many years of creating works with traditional elements and tools, they have become insufficient for expression. One of the pieces that is developed within the living art project would be the sculpture that is presented on this occasion, which is the representation of an egg that within it exists a hermetic and sealed ecosystem that can live encapsulated, outside of life. humans. Out of our era.

This led to the evolution of a piece where the materials would have a life of their own. In this way, the artwork is not only captured in a moment of time but can also teach us about its transformation, evolution, and even regression. The artwork can die in front of us, and we can do nothing about it, leaving us filled with a sense of solastalgia, admiring what was and what has passed, being in the same place.

About Luis Gtz R

Luis Gtz R, an artist from Guadalajara, initially studied traditional fine art but found it restrictive. Influenced by his father, a fine artist, he embarked on a journey of sensory exploration and experimentation with materials and textures.