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The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

(Archive) Mycelium Material

This project was part of DDW 2023

This project highlights the potential of collaborating with Mycelium, which can rejuvenate waste into artistic design and create aesthetic acoustic designs through bio-fabrication. By welcoming and incorporating fungi into our living spaces, we take a step towards a Symbiocene mindset.

The bio-design project introduces an innovative mycelium panel-based space, rooted in sustainable practices. It offers a semi-open space for visitors to engage with the acoustic material, providing a tactile experience that fosters a connection with nature.
The project aligns with a broader vision of shifting towards circular and sustainable design in future living spaces and communities. Its primary objective was to explore novel bio-materials

that offer fully biodegradable nature-friendly solutions, particularly emphasizing renewable resources and regeneration practices. This was achieved by repurposing large-scale industrial waste, specifically sawdust and sheep wool, the panel's primary natural ingredients. These organic waste streams promote the use of local and natural resources, such as locally sourced raw sheep wool and furniture industry byproducts, to support sustainable practices.

Having previously worked with bio-materials on various research projects, I recognize the
immense potential of mycelium, a living agent capable of transforming waste into inspiring
designs. The project aims to create visually appealing installation that offer both acoustic and
tactile experiences, encouraging people to interact with and embrace this material. It places a
strong emphasis on mycelium's unique sensorial qualities to facilitate acceptance.
The bio-fabrication of mycelium panels signifies a collaborative approach with non-human agencies, promoting a Symbiocene mindset. It encourages designs that transcend the human perspective and incorporate the needs and contributions of the broader ecosystem. The project demonstrates how mycelium can be integrated into our interior spaces to create sustainable cohabitation environments.

In essence, this installation narrates a story about creating shared, sustainable living spaces by harnessing mycelium's potential. This living, binding agency (mycelium) advocates for a sustainable future by prioritizing the reuse and repurposing of existing bio-waste over the consumption of new materials. Through these initiatives, the project fosters a connection with the Symbiocene mindset, promoting harmony between humans, more than human agency, and the environment.

Andere deelnemers

The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

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Andere deelnemers

The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth