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(Archive) Jeom.Seon.Myeon

점선면/Jeomseonmyeon/ is a Korean word meaning point, dot, and plane.
Using Jiin's plasma drawing technique, she draws and creates metal object series.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Jiin Yoon

Using her plasma drawing technique, Jiin crafts a series of metal objects, delving into the intricate possibilities of her method while articulating her profound fascination.


Using her unique plasma drawing technique, Jiin crafts a unique collection of 점.선.면/Dot.Line.Plane/.

With her extraordinary plasma drawing method, incorporating elements of dot, line, and plane, she crafts a series of metal objects, exploring the possibilities of her craft while expressing her profound fascination.

For the 2023 edition of Tools & Craft Isola, Jiin draws metal object pieces inspired by her lifelong inspirations from the nature surrounding our daily lives and the enigmatic beauty of deep-sea creatures.

Each piece in this collection showcases Jiin's unique technique and visual language and, seamlessly marries the beauty of nature's design with functional utility.

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Andere deelnemers

Tools & Crafts