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The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

(Archive) The Microbial Council

Exploring the Invisible: redesign Eindhoven in collaboration with our non-human microbial neighbours.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Biological Sample — © Celina Camboni

Join us for an immersive journey into the hidden world of microorganisms and their potential to reshape our cityscape. In this hybrid field trip and workshop, we will imagine a future where mycelium, algae, and bacteria evolve to compete with us, their human counterparts.

Microbial Exploration: Itinerary and Details

This exploratory half-day field trip/workshop is designed for participants aged 7+ from all backgrounds to discover the non-human organisms and entities that exist alongside us. What would Eindhoven be like if it was redesigned by our invisible, non-human microbial neighbours in which we share our cities with? We ask participants to imagine a future in which super efficient strains of mycelium, algae, lichens, mycorrhiza or bacteria evolve to a level of strength and intelligence to compete with us, their human counterparts.

Please register using the link below to get a ticket. The field trip/workshop lasts for 3 hours and includes a break. You can choose to attend either on Sunday the 22nd or on Monday the 23rd. It's the same content on both days, so you only need to book for one of them, not both.

BioArt Laboratories is free to access during the Dutch Design Week. For MA Biodesign workshop, a participation fee is required. Look for more information at the link below.

Part 1: Field Trip

We will start the day with a group introduction into the different types of microorganisms. We will present their naturally occurring habitats and the benefit they have on our complex ecosystems. We will then put the participants into different groups, each being accompanied by one of our team and assigned a different microorganism. These groups will head out into the local area in search of these invisible microorganisms on the one hour ‘field trip’. Groups will be given equipment to collect and analyse different samples including microscopes, sample containers and slide making kits. Participants may also be encouraged to conduct interviews and collect photo, video and sound data about the ecosystems and environments these microorganisms are existing in.

Make sure to check the FAQs on Eventbrite.

Part 2: Workshop

Using the samples and data collected from the field trip, in the workshop participants will select one microorganism and design from their perspective. Our team will guide them using speculative scenarios and prototyping to redesign an element of the city of Eindhoven. For example this may be a prediction of how public transportation would function if designed by mycelium or what the infrastructure of the canal network will be like if redesigned by algae? The day will culminate in a group unveiling of their city manifesto and microflag.

Andere deelnemers

The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

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Andere deelnemers

The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth