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Embassy of Mobility


Mecanoo architecten invites you to immerse yourself in a seamless and sensory mobility experience, from train to city!

This project was part of DDW 2023
Journey to the Future — © Mecanoo

Mobility's influence on urban planning and your daily life is substantial! It has the power to bridge communities, foster opportunities, and address various societal, urban, and environmental challenges but also enrich everyday spatial and user experience. Join us on The Romance of the Journey!

A seamless experience

The Romance of the Journey lies in a seamless mobility experience, at different scales and to different places in the city. As Jaap Bakema once described the architect’s profession ranging from the chair to the city; design for mobility ranges from the intimate interior of a train carriage to the bustling station, the dynamic mobility hub, and the vibrant urban expansion of mobility in the city streets and neighbourhoods.

Each journey is different

Mobility is an everyday part of modern society, just like living, working and recreation. Mobility designs should therefore provide people with a (sensory) experience that suits their personal needs and activities. But we also know that the provision of mobility infrastructure has city-scale effects.

From train to city

At the Embassy of Mobility 2023, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Romance of the Journey. From the interactive model Journey to the Future that presents a seamless mobility experience through various contexts (city centre, city edge, rural area) to videos and virtual presentations of a new train interior, designed specifically for the different needs of passengers. And from Kaohsiung station in Taiwan making valuable contributions to public space and activating the local community, to the vision for Dordrecht's railway zone, brimming with spatial opportunities for accessibility, climate adaptation, housing and socio-economic development. We believe the best way to predict the future is to design it!

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Embassy of Mobility

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Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Mobility