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Embassy of Mobility

(Archive) OV-fiets

New innovations for the multi-modal journey of the future

This project was part of DDW 2023
OV-Fiets abri — © NS

As NS, we are constantly working to make the door-to-door journey better for our travellers.
Currently, almost half of our travellers come to the station by bicycle and that percentage is growing. Many travellers grab an OV-fiets after their train journey to complete the last leg of their journey.


NS currently offers 21,700 bicycles at nearly 300 rental locations in the Netherlands. Mostly at train stations, but also at a number of other mobility hubs. Such as major bus stations and metro stations.
With the new, recognisable OV-fiets distribution points, NS wants to make it easy for travellers to quickly rent a bicycle from the train. But perhaps more importantly, you can return your OV-fiets faster to catch your train.


It is slightly differently at every stations, renting an OV-fiets from a distribution point without employees. Some are in a locker, some in a carousel, some just in a bicycle rack. We are changing this. All 170-plus distribution points without employees will be converted into recognisable and easier OV-fiets shelters. That way, travellers will know better where to go and they will be able to rent or return an OV-fiets quickly and easily in the same way everywhere.
The locker and carousel for OV-fiets will disappear. At smaller stations, a shelter, a recognisable tubular frame in blue and yellow, will be placed in the existing bicycle shed. Unlike with a locker, you can quickly see whether there is still an OV-fiets available. Taking them with you is easier and quicker than from a locker or a carousel.

Innovative bicycles

The new OV-fiets has lock that you open with your OV-chipcard or NS Business Card. This makes renting and returning an OV-fiets even easier and faster.
Last year, NS started a trial with the rental of electric OV-fiets, the OV-ebike, at 4 stations. With the OV-ebike, even travellers who cycle a slightly longer distance do not have to break a sweat.

Both the regular OV-fiets and the OV-ebike can be found at the new open OV-fiets distribution point at the NS stand.

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Embassy of Mobility

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Andere deelnemers

Embassy of Mobility