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Embassy of Mobility


Citizen storytelling platform for engaging with the future of the makeup of our cities.

About Stadsvisioenen

One of the most pressing questions of our time is how we as a society can work toward a more sustainable and inclusive living environment. City visions approaches this question from the perspective of 'design for societal transformation'. It focuses on the necessity to reevaluate the form and value of our living environment.

This project is a response to a society in which the opinions of experts and policymakers often take precedence in a city's development. In contrast, City visions recognizes the growing importance of citizen engagement in shaping their living environment.

City visions allows residents to discover, share, and discuss their ideas and opinions about the city. With the help of artificial intelligence, they create fictional future stories, creating a more diverse and inclusive dialogue about urban development. With this citizen-oriented approach, City visions aims to contribute to a way of life that benefits both people and the planet.

About Jorrit van der Heide

Jorrit van der Heide is a designer from Eindhoven.