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(Archive) SPEKTRUM

This project was part of DDW 2023
SPEKTRUM_1 — © Giulia Toneguzzo

Being a result of a fascination and ode to sunlight, it materialises the nature of light by the use of colours, evolving throughout the day. The given ever-glowing effect reveals the passage of time and seamlessly enhances the atmosphere of a space.

A wall shelf that interacts with daylight.

The core of SPEKTRUM comes from the idea to exploit and visualise what is already present in any room: daylight. As a product between function and emotion, SPEKTRUM invites the user to interact and be conscious of the importance of light in our everyday lives. Its glowing effect − a simple reflection originated by the interaction of the shelf on the wall − floats/evolves/ dimmers independently throughout the day.

Available in different variations — from one up to nine levels — SPEKTRUM consists of three easy-to-assemble stainless steel flat elements. Each part is hand-finished with a custom airbrushing technique using automotive paints and techniques.

SPEKTRUM is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a kitchen storage shelf, bookshelf, bedside table, and more.

SPEKTRUM_5 - detail — © Giulia Toneguzzo


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