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Embassy of Mobility


Discover urban sustainability with Mobipolis, a serious game by CROW and UUM, exploring urban densification and accessibility collaboration.


Mobipolis addresses the challenge of rapidly developing, accessible cities, promoting conversation, learning, and collaboration in mobility and urban sustainability. The primary objective is to advocate for your chosen mobility approach, fostering teamwork to envision an ideal city.

Sustainable Urban Planning

You can now learn how to collaborate in building a sustainable and livable city with the serious game Mobipolis, developed by CROW and UUM. This game focuses on the relationship between urban densification and accessibility.

Accessible City Challenge
The game revolves around the challenge of rapidly developing cities that still need to remain accessible. Mobipolis is an instrument to enter into conversations with different parties and discover what cooperation means in the field of mobility and sustainable urban development.

Cooperative Gameplay
In Mobipolis, the emphasis is on the learning process and the enjoyment of the game. The main goal is not just to win but, more importantly, to collaborate and argue your case. During the game, you defend why you choose a particular mobility approach. Players must work together and learn to look beyond their own interests to come up with a good strategy. The key question is: What kind of city do we want to live and work in?

About CROW & UUM

CROW is the technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space.

UUM develops strategies for area development, urban planning, and regional collaboration.