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Embassy of Mobility

Rijk, Rol en Ruimte

Explore the future of work and the workplace of the civil servant

Rijk, Rol en Ruimte — © Ruby Schaap

This exploration looks at the future of the government, highlighting nine perspectives that shed a light on various roles of civil servants. We are (re)considering where civil servants will work in the future and where citizens can turn for government services.

The future of mobility and spaces for civil servants

The exploration focuses on mobility and spaces for civil servants, examining different roles and tensions between them. Will the Dutch government remain concentrated in the Randstad or spread across the entire country? Will it be isolated or closely connected to society? How should it move through cities and rural areas?

Rijksconcept building

In the Rijksconcept building, the entrance extends from the inside to the outside, from chance to organisation, from informal conversations to targeted focus. The concept, centred on movement, aims to create a world where both the relationship between the government and citizens and that between real estate and people can be brought to a human scale.

About Ties Schotel

Komovo is a strategic design agency for system change. Each project weighs in the balance towards social, resilient and sustainable systems. We use research, visioning, strategy and tangible designs to bring about change in healthcare, the physical environment and democracy.

Negen toekomstframes — © Komovo

Rijksconceptgebouw — © Komovo