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The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

(Archive) Down to Earth Dating

This project was part of DDW 2023

Nature tickles all our senses. The smells, colours, sounds, textures. What happens when we really connect with nature? Become the earth, have a date with a shrub, or spend some time with a tree. It takes 25 minutes, but it may be a life changing event. Let nature surprise you.

An important part of the problems with the climate is the way we relate to all other living beings. In the west we consider ourselves as the most important living beings for which the rest of nature is something that serves us. Inspired by the research of professor Matthijs Schouten we believe that by becoming partners or friends with nature, our habits will also be influenced in the way we deal with the climate crisis. From antropoceen to symbioceen.

We want to answer the question: How to start a friendship with nature?

For that we have three small experiments:

- the sit spot in front of a tree
- first date with a shrub, a pile of earth, a snale
- standing in the shoes of a tree or the earth

Each experiment lasts 15 minutes. Before and after we ask you a simple question: what is your relationship with nature? We are curious if we can find ways to influence that relationship.

Andere deelnemers

The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth

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Andere deelnemers

The Symbiocene Forest - Down to Earth