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United Matters
Florence Zhou

Re-crafting plastic

3D viewing room
A candle holder made from waste plastic
Florence Zhou, Constance Zhang
This project is part of United Matters

The hidden beauty of single-use household plastic waste.

Plastic is the world’s most widely used packaging and we send seven times our own body weight of it to landfill each year. This has dramatic consequences for our already vulnerable planet and associated eco-systems.

Initially, I was interested in creating materials, artefacts and systems from the waste that Central Saint Martin's generates each day.

Then Covid-19 happened.

Finding myself isolated during the lockdown, I instead focused my intentions on the waste that I personally generated each day in my own flat.

Understanding and learning about the mechanical and industrial properties and techniques of working with plastics, widely considered to be the most challenging and problematic waste that we generate, I developed a series of techniques for processing this waste in my own kitchen and bedroom.

The objects that I have designed are everyday household objects - bookends, beakers, stationery, candle holders and vases. The intention was to develop a new, more circular material eco-system within the confines of my own flat.