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WORTH Partnership Project
a research into a new technique to dye yarns with an artwork in it, combining existing techniques like Planned Pooling and Space Dyeing into 1.

Planned Space Pooling

Proof of Concept
Joost Jansen & Loret Karman
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Knitting a colourful artwork is intense. I sat with Loret drinking a beer and dreamt out loud about this idea of 1 long thread with the image of a sweater already IN it. So, the magic would reveal itself by every stitch knitted, instead of having all the different balls hanging on your knitwork.

Starting from this dream, the project was eventually born. We realized it could potentially solve many issues. Like for example the amount of yarn waste, reducing time consumption for production and give total freedom in creativity to designers. If we could produce only the material that is necessary, it would in combination with the fact that knitting itself is the most sustainable way of producing fashion (all material goes into the product), a potential answer to the claim fashion production has on our eco systems. It would also give an answer in the upcoming trend that fashion needs to be extremely quick and new ALL the time and be exclusive. if we could make a yarn with total freedom in colours and artwork, we do not need to produce massive amounts of yarns in different colours, but exactly the amount that is needed for production.

It sounded all very idealistic and we could not believe we were the only or first ones to come up with the idea. We knew about some techniques developed into the same direction, space dye, but these are still limited. After doing more intense research we figured out there was not really any other known research done to this technique so far.

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WORTH Partnership Project