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WORTH Partnership Project
A free interactive reading App for kids age 5+.

WALKYTALKIES telling stories

WORTH Partnership Project
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Research proves young children read less.
Studies proved, interactive reading has many benefits. It stimulates children to start and continue reading, it improves the level of it and kids develop stronger reading capacity.

We felt the urgency to make reading fun and useful in a contemporary way.

Scan the illustration on the back of the label of your WALKYTALKIES. This 2D-illustration turns into a 3D Augmented Reality driven world. 
Now, your interactive reading adventure starts.
During each story, you will get 3 questions. Answer these questions by choosing out of 2 options. You search the answer to the question in the 3D world. When you have made a decision, you automatically return to the story to you continue reading.
Your decision influences the way the story develops. It depends on your answer, how the story continues. due to this storyline structure, every story has one beginning but 8 different endings. It keeps reading exciting and fun.
Finished? As a reward, make a selfie with your favorite WALKYTALKIES characters.
Be proud of your achievement and share your picture on the socials. You inspire other kids to read as well.

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WORTH Partnership Project