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WORTH Partnership Project
The Lucid chair is grown with Mycelium and hemp, upholstered with linen and hemp. With the Mush Lume lamps by Danielle Trofe they make a nice pair!


Lucid Mycelium Hemp Chair
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

As part of the participation of La Gadoue and the Lucid chair was conceived. Beautiful interior products are now also beautiful for our planet. The project is evidence that design and sustainability go very well hand-in-hand

La Gadoue and have invested two years to design a chair + footstool with the objective to create a CO2 negative, comfortable and appealing piece of furniture. After 18 months of designing The Hemp Chair, the project was evaluated, and a large number further design improvements were was made, resulting in Lucid.

Meanwhile, has added the Mush Lume lighting range to the portfolio. The Mush Lumes were designed by Danielle Trofe (NY) and are now available in Europe!

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WORTH Partnership Project