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WORTH Partnership Project
Celebrating style. Creating new lifecycles for fashion.

Capsule coat Project

Capsule coat
Laura oja
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Award wining circular design and production concept for fashion. Based on local economies and extending textile lifecycles.

It took us five years to find the right materials for our production and it was quite an unexpected coincidence that took us to the textiles we fell in love with: one of our first interns was a nurse as her first profession and she introduced us to the textile maintenance logistics and textile services that the healthcare industry is working with. In 2013 we released the first collection based on the extended lifecycle concept that we have been developing ever since.

Nowadays our production concept is fully based on repurposed waste textiles from textile service companies. B2B textile service companies provide textile maintenance for the whole healthcare sector, hotels, restaurants, public institutions and many others.

Due to small mistakes or chances in their product offer, textile service companies discard textiles on regular bases. Very little, if any, of these discarded textiles are reused or recycled. Instead, most of them are burned. The product portfolio of the textile service companies includes house textiles such as bedlinen which can be easily repurposed for fashion.

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WORTH Partnership Project