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United Matters
Emily Boxall -

Hungry For Change

3D viewing room
The McDermott Community Larder, July 2020
This project is part of United Matters

Reshaping our world through food: the power of community to reduce food waste and ensure no one goes hungry.

The food system no longer bears any relation to the people it evolved to serve. Every time we make a food choice, if we have the luxury of choice, we are voting with our forks and putting money and power in the hands of the few. The flawed food system allows staggering amounts of surplus (an estimated third of all food produced globally is wasted) whilst millions go hungry. What does this paradox say about the society we live in?
Record numbers of people rely on food banks in the UK. During a global pandemic, we are experiencing unprecedented levels of food insecurity. This project aims to start a conversation about food insecurity by utilising the notion of commensality (the practice of eating together and sharing food). By making a collection of Community Larders in public locations and encouraging people to share what they can, and take what they need, I hope to start a new kind of food economy.
We have evolved to unite around food. It is a vital communication tool; you feed to protect, you share food to show love. By filling the streets with shared accessible food, we can take ownership of food security in our neighbourhoods and ultimately ensure everyone has enough to eat.