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WORTH Partnership Project
E-textiles STEAM toy exploring basic electronics

Ttorch Project

Octopus on blanket detail
B Scholz, P Veske
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Ttorch is a toy set for preschool children to explore basic electronics with the help of octopus Jeffy, who guides them through his underwater e-textiles world. It follows the principles of STEAM by using electronic textiles.

Ttorch is a toy set for preschool children to learn about materials and technology through e-textiles. The toy set consists of a blanket which describes the bottom of the sea, and Jeffy the octopus, who is the character and companion to explore. An extra part is a battery pouch and handle, to make the set portable and wearable. The battery can also be separated for charging, washing, etc.

The electronic circuit is made of electronic textiles, the octopus connects parts of the circuit by snapping its legs to the sea-blanket, to light up RGB LEDs whose colours can be mixed with help of textile sensors in the octopus.

The toy was developed by an international, interdisciplinary team in 2019.

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WORTH Partnership Project