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United Matters
Maria Roy

Hollow Earth

3D viewing room
Fired ceramic vases
Picture by Giulia Zelig
This project is part of United Matters

Creating narratives around the perception, use and ecology of soil.

Soil is where most things come from and where most things return. It is also a material that reveals the history of our planet. Humans have created an exploitative relationship with soil as we often work against it, rather than with it.

As an attempt to foster my relationship with soil and my immediate environment, I decided to embark on an archaeological mission in my garden. Through excavation, I identified and collected different types of soils, artefacts and ecofacts that I categorised based on the geological strata at which they were found. With the excavated material I have created a collection of decorative vases and used the found artefacts to ornament the surfaces.

The aim is to communicate how human activities impact the soil throughout history and subsequently discuss how the importance of soil has been neglected over time.

Due to Covid-19, my project became hyper-localised. Everything has taken place in the confinement of my London flat: collecting the materials, processing them and building a kiln. All the soil I extracted will return to the site it was sourced from. I hope this project will help the soil and its species live, expand and regenerate.