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United Matters
A collection of chairs made during the Covid-19 pandemic which explores various ideas within craft by subverting and hacking traditional furniture.

A chair for (nearly) every week of lockdown

3D viewing room
The Woven Chair
Josh Cotton
This project is part of United Matters

This project explores different concepts or ideas within craft and design that can be easily understood through a chair by investigating the use of locally sourced waste materials and working with limited tools whilst self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The chairs in this series were produced in my garden at a time of uncertainty with a limited amount of materials and tools at my disposal. This project is a physical journal of my time in lockdown, driven by a methodology of making and keeping busy. Produced in an ad-hoc workshop that Robinson Crusoe would be proud of, this project speaks of compromise of resources but not of quality. Furniture is a completely new territory for me as a designer and maker, so I approached it from a more experimental rather than traditional way, subverting common techniques and hacking classic chair designs.

In the collection there is a chair that responds to the government’s social distancing regulations and is a nod toward Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione project and a chair that explores a new life and value for fallen palm tree leaves through experimenting with the waste material to find and utilise its unique qualities. By isolating and extracting pigments from organic materials, I also produced a set of stains and finishes made from completely natural biomaterials that allow my chairs to encapsulate the atmosphere of my garden workshop.