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WORTH Partnership Project
Fashion Designing in an Inclusive World

Inclusive fashion

This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

There are thousands of new garments coming on the market each season, but there is a massive disabled community that will never be able to wear any of it because they do not function for them. There are clothes that are attractive, but which can be difficult to dress, fasten, or do not fit properly.

This project is a collaboration with Darja Malesic.

For example, the issue of the sitting body. It shows the challenges and offers solutions, one of which is illustrated by a working sample which is developed, the Sitting Jeans, jeans that are designed for the sitting as well as for the standing body.

In the last 50 years the amount of time we spend sitting has increased hugely, but do the clothes we buy and wear reflect this?

As designers would it not be a good idea to consider a sitting body shape as well as standing?

The created jeans trousers are an example, how to combine function and fashion to achieve comfort while sitting and how to organise garment details in a way that works for every-body and makes dressing easier for every-body.

All done in a fashionable and stylish way that would empower any user.

This is the main purpose of Inclusive design, that everyone can benefit and enjoy it, with or without disability.

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WORTH Partnership Project