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WORTH Partnership Project
A recycled and recylable designer bag made of ghost fishing nets

The Ghost Bag

The Ghost Bag
New Relation
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Discarded fishing gear, also known as ghost nets, amounts 10 percent of the world's marine litter. The ghost nets are a major symbol of ocean overexploitation, but often invisible to the naked eye. It is from this metaphor of ‘facing the wave’ that New Relation thought of the Ghost Bag.

Made of recycled materials, the bag itself is recyclable. New Relation developed a new fabric consisting of fishing nets recovered from the sea, trapped in ECONYL regenerated nylon. Using artisanal techniques, each bag is unique because of the arbitrary placement of the nets. By considering the afterlife of the bag they wish to reintegrate this object into an evolving cycle, an open loop. It is a matter of paying attention to the trace of the object: the idea of a before of the material and a potential after.

The partnership with Polymer Science Park with their expertise in the field of plastic recycling made it possible to research the recyclability of the developed material.

The Ghost Bag is of European manufacture: the fishing nets are provided by a fishermen cooperation in the Netherlands that work together on the clean up of the North Sea, the ECONYL yarns and fabric are made in Italy and the bags have been manufactured by a high end atelier in Paris.

The bag is available on their website

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