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WORTH Partnership Project
FRAMIORE apparel blends world heritage with today’s technologies to craft ethical & sustainable clothes.


NUR dress look
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Our goal is to create timeless clothes with good design and meaningful idea behind it. In combination with high quality materials our clothes will last longer. This is how we define sustainability.

In FRAMIORE we want to voice the stories of the ethnic groups which dissolve in the modern world.
Spell My Name project has been born out of the need to make a voice of Uyghurs stronger. To talk about it not just during political debates, but to bring it out of the context and address people with visual and tactile messages in the form of clothes and photos. The Spell My Name garments are a voice to reflect the cultural heritage of Uyghurs in the modern world. We took traditional silhouettes, colours, ornaments, distorted, torn and replaced them in the collection to bring the changes the folk group is facing nowadays in the spotlight. For the garments we used Western sustainable technologies – ecological fabrics and locally hand-woven elements. The design of the garments is minimalistic and timeless, which allows a lot of combinations and doesn’t create an unsustainable consumer behaviour.

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WORTH Partnership Project