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WORTH Partnership Project
Aromatic Jewellery + self-releasing fragrances

SENSS 4.0 - Aromatic Jewellery

SENSS 4.0 - Aromatic Jewellery - Ear
Wisp Ltd.
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

SENSS is a project that combines industrial engineer thinking (accurate manufacturing skill) and sensual-tech (a modular system of scented liquid) into the craftsmanship

The idea for the project was conceived back in 2016 by Wan Tseng, WISP’s Design Leader, through the mode of delightful design and pleasurable technology, she wanted to create something tactile and emotional, with smells that evoked the wearer’s memory and ability to relax.

Investing in scented and massage jewellery is primarily driven by feelings, aesthetics and wellbeing. SENSS jewellery offers a unique combined experience that is irreplaceable. How do you interact with your body? Each jewellery piece connects you to a sensitive body part, forming a more curious and intimate relationship.

Massaging the stone releases muscle tension in your palms, inner arms, neck and shoulders throughout the day. Evocative fragrances help to relax the body and calm the mind in order to recenter when making decisions during a busy and stressful day. The sensual experience can also be shared with a partner in the evening for enhancing intimacy. Our value proposition is to make a statement for female empowerment with evocative wearables.

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WORTH Partnership Project