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WORTH Partnership Project
Swimwear design solutions for circular products, that are safe and healthy for humans and nature - that are made for the ocean.


BD-I OceanWear Swimwear Prototype
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

With 'OceanWear' we set out to explore the possibilities of an eco-friendly and recyclable swimwear collection. The design research project strives for a holistic answer to the pollution of one of our most sensitive ecosystems by applying quality, beauty and innovation along the whole supply chain.

'OceanWear' was born to create the dive into the ocean as a truly safe and healthy experience with a clothing product that is carefully made for its destined environment and that comprises modern consumer needs on all functional and aesthetical levels. As a garment that touches our body and our surroundings so profoundly, swimwear demands an eco-friendly material cycle and skin-friendly material composition.
To achieve that, we need to re-define optimized use-periods for different circular consumption speeds. The status quo of ‘durability equals sustainability’ is to be questioned and proven that a shorter lifespan and changing trends can play a crucial part in sustainable material reincarnation, not only since consumers tend to exchange their garments with every new season.
Exploring circular speeds means combining innovative material recipes, which are carefully created for the biosphere. Therefore, we experimented with available circular yarns and jerseys made for the biological cycle. These need to be aligned with improved processes and after-use-scenarios, that close the loop in production and economy. We believe, that fashion can bring about that positive change.

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WORTH Partnership Project