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WORTH Partnership Project
A collection of sustainable wall tiles made of PineSkins, the bark of pine trees and Spanish pine wood.

PineSkins Soft Wall tiles

Soft Wall Tiles colours
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

PineSkins Soft Wall Tiles is a collection of sustainable wall tiles made of PineSkins, the bark of a pine tree and local Spanish pine wood. The tiles embrace the particularity of local landscapes and gives new value to those parts of the tree, that usually stay behind after tree cutting.

PineSkins is a versatile, leather-like material made of inner bark of pine trees and a by-product of the tree cutting industry. Ranging from earthy brown to pink and to deep terracotta colors with a scent of wood, PineSkins carries a unique appearance that feels familiar yet unseen. In order to become flexible, the freshly harvested bark is treated with a bio-softening solution and enhanced with color pigments and natural wax.
Studio Sarmite and Seistag partnered up to create product for interiors that embraces the particularity of local landscapes through surfaces and patterns seen in nature, such as the pine tree bark. However, the wood cutting industry considers the bark to be a byproduct and is therefore discarded.

During the partnership the specifics of the bark such as its rarity and high cost were kept at the center of the concept and an idea was built around it. The collection of wall tiles consist of tiles covered with PineSkins while embracing the branch holes and the natural pattern on the bark. Additionally, some tiles are covered with color printing – an innovative technology invented by Seistag.

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WORTH Partnership Project