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WORTH Partnership Project
interactive cladding with light and sound for interior architecture, furniture and art


iMorfé panel (Prototype)
Universo EirĂ­n
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

With regard of innovative devices, I-MORFÉ is our latest creation. I-MORFÉ is unique.

I-MORFÉ is vivid cladding that changes shape, colour and music responding to external stimuli by observers. Its design is inspired on originami, the ancestral Japanese paper folding technique, and provided with a technology that modifies music, light and movement, as feedback to people’s interaction. The cladding is scalable and adaptable to multiple environments. Furthermore, it is made of ecological materials. I-MORFÉ has large potential for interior design, publicity, artist work, amongst others.

Our idea to spin-off I-MORFÉ as an independent company. The business model is, on one hand, to sell I-MORFÉ panels for permanent users. On the other hand, we consider also renting I-MORFÉ panels for temporary events including those for advertising purposes.

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WORTH Partnership Project