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WORTH Partnership Project
Interactive soft toy prototype for children’s play

Wearable Play

worm-e 01
photo:Marko Schmidt copyright:Michaela Honauer
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Wearable Play is an interactive soft toy prototype for children’s play. It aims at engaging children in whole-body play and enabling interaction with their environment and peers.
team: Michaela Honauer (MIHOO), Kristi Kuusk (Spell disain OÜ), Seçil Uğur Yavuz (Unibz)

By connecting the safe and comforting character of textiles with the dynamic properties of contemporary, digital technologies, can we create a balance between the screen-based and physical play? In order to answer this question, the project followed an experimental design path in which the outcome took form by involving the user in the very early phases of the idea generation through using mock-ups and prototypes to explore playful user experiences. As a result of this design process, an interactive prototype called Worm-e was developed, consisting of a soft toy and an app which gives indications about play activities that can be done with the toy. Worm-e app notifies the child after a certain time of screen engagement and invites her/him to play. The app suggests various bodily play activities when activated by a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag integrated in the toy.

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WORTH Partnership Project