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WORTH Partnership Project
Reinventing the traditional sock product


WORTH Partnership Project
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

We wanted to rethink the entire category of socks by bringing high-end fashion knowledge and craftsmanship into the world of socks and hosiery

Socks are something that we have been conditioned into buying as throwaway items. They are an afterthought, yet we use them almost every day. However, this is not the way that things need to be, it is merely the way things are. We want to offer a responsible, well-made and long-lasting pair of socks, without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

In terms of manufacturing, we have focused on local know-how and historical textile manufacturing locations in the Nordics. For the last year we have been participating in the European Union funded Worth-project. Our partner in the project has been Swedish sock factory Triconor.

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WORTH Partnership Project