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WORTH Partnership Project


Collection of garments made from biomaterials

This project was part of DDW 2020
Bacterial-dyed dress/Alginate wool vest/Amadou hat — © Worth Partnership Project

Materia Bruta is a collection of garments (from Traditional Futures) created by Surzhana Radnaeva along with IAAC Fabtextiles and other crafts(wo)men. Creations revolve around experimental biomaterials like Bacterial-dyed textiles, Algae-based materials, Kombucha leather, Amadou Fungi, Mycelium etc.

Materia Bruta project is an exploration of Biomaterials as a source of new crafts. By bringing life sciences in the realm of makers, it looks at new ways to reconnect locality and sustainability. As I started to dig into our new daily material and living

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Work Process — © Surzhana Radnaeva

Bacterial-dyed Modernised Buryat dress — © Worth Partnership Project

Work process — © IAAC

Alginate material making process

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WORTH Partnership Project

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WORTH Partnership Project