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WORTH Partnership Project
Collection of garments made from biomaterials


Bacterial-dyed dress/Alginate wool vest/Amadou hat
Worth Partnership Project
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Materia Bruta is a collection of garments (from Traditional Futures) created by Surzhana Radnaeva along with IAAC Fabtextiles and other crafts(wo)men. Creations revolve around experimental biomaterials like Bacterial-dyed textiles, Algae-based materials, Kombucha leather, Amadou Fungi, Mycelium etc.

Materia Bruta project is an exploration of Biomaterials as a source of new crafts. By bringing life sciences in the realm of makers, it looks at new ways to reconnect locality and sustainability. As I started to dig into our new daily material and living matter, I realised this is what we always did in my Buryat culture. We gather elements of nature around, and dress ourselves with shades of our livelihoods. As a fashion designer and garment maker I jumped onboard an exploration of biomaterials, all of which have stories to share, and tales yet to write, about hopes, failure and successes.
Thanks to the knowledge and experience of IAAC Fab Textiles, the MATERIA BRUTA project is the first step full of hope and persistence to make wearable garments using diverse biomaterials. We explore , shape, and open dialogue with algae, colour-making bacteria, symbiotic microorganisms colonies and cooperate with Transilvanians mushrooms-shapers. To be craftsmen of the now we need to mimic what made traditional societies truly sustainable and merge it with innovation. When we become herders of bacteria roaming green cities, we may have started tales of our Traditional Futures.

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WORTH Partnership Project