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WORTH Partnership Project
Giving a voice to the ones who cannot speak!


Sami heritage print body
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This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

We want to revolutionize the way hospitals and doctors work with premature babies, to be able to save their lives and give them the best start in life they can get. By combining unique functionality, design and Scandinavian heritage on to the small, but yet so important life-saving garments!

We have created a design that is entirely based on the input and experiences of the preemie parents and the nurses from the neonatal sections in Scandinavian hospitals. There are strategically placed holes and a unique patented baby soft velcro on each garment. This makes it easy to work with the children in a hospital environment, and also for the parents to visually bond with their babies, since newborn preemie’s can look like anything else than a normal baby. We have also thought about skin-to-skin contact and the importance of the ability to carry your child close to you without taking the entire garment off and on, which can be challenging when they are so small!

Except for the unique and innovative design, sizes, and prints – the environmental aspects of the garment are also a very innovative factor. Since we will be working with a mixture of natural Chitosan fabric and Bamboo. This is not only allergy-friendly to the babies' sensitive skin – but also recyclable in all aspects, even down to the very last seam!

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WORTH Partnership Project