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This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Øjenfryd VR is a collaborative project between Studio Cohrt and BB Studios. Second call winner of the WORTH Partnership Program, it draws on Scandinavian heritage to make VR headsets more inclusive, comfortable and sustainable

Øjenfryd VR is a high craft luxury product using sustainable materials to increase headset werability for a diverse audience. The focus is on using beautiful aesthetics to give VR stories material context - in this case Nordic heritage and fish leathers. Conducted research shows that our detachable ‘skin’ reduces the perceived dehumanising aesthetic of VR headsets, making it not only more comfortable, but also more attractive for demographics different to (but not excluding) white male users.

Øjenfryd demonstrates our team skills as a creative partnership in ideation, innovation, bespoke craft, wearable technology, sustainable and ergonomic design, activist and immersive storytelling.

A collaboration between BB Studios & Studio Cohrt


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WORTH Partnership Project