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WORTH Partnership Project
A virtual fitting experiment with 3D knitwear

Virtual 3D knitwear

Virtual knitwear by New Industrial Order
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

In the current fashion system more clothes are pushed into the market than we can ever wear. But with today’s technologies we can build a fashion world around what people really need. We can elevate fashion to a whole new level of comfort, happiness and sustainability - with order made 3D knitwear.

New Industrial Order (N.I.O.) is a laboratory for fashion on demand. We are designers, entrepreneurs and engineers who work together to build a fashion world around real, unique people. We envision a system of sustainable consumption and production in which order made clothes are key.

3D knitting is a zero waste manufacturing technique. By using 3D knitting machines as 3D printers it is possible to produce knitwear on demand. At N.I.O. we explore 3D knitwear design and test development processes for customized and tailored knitwear to enhance the intrinsic value of clothes.

For this project we collaborated with fashion technology startup Shavatar who have invented an algorithm to predict someone’s 3D body shape without a need for a 3D scanner. This technology can be used to help fashion brands reduce size-related returns - but also to reduce unsold stock by enabling on-demand production.

At N.I.O. we had already started to digitalize our knitwear development process by creating virtual versions first, before knitting samples, to save energy and materials. For the Worth project we developed a jumper that doesn't only look real, but also behaves real, to dress the avatars.

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WORTH Partnership Project