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WORTH Partnership Project
Mechanical stand-up chair 'the Bib'

The Bib chair

Bib chair with Fishleather. Bib stoel met visleer
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project


A modern, movable and durable stand-up chair in use and material. No electricity or battery needed. Keeps you moving and keeps you fit!

A stand up chair that works mechanically.
Completely handmade in the Netherlands and Finland.
The wooden back is specially shaped with different layers. From thick from bottom to thin on the top. The innovative mechanism ensures that you get up easily.

BIB stands for Back In Balance.
You use your own muscles strength to rise up in to a standing position. In the side panels there’s a mechanism, such as a lever and it gets you into a balance. First you lift the armrest. With a little pressure on the armrest, the seat comes up and you can easily stand up. You have to move to get up. So it keeps you fit and healthier.

It does not require power or batteries as with the electric models.
All components are reusable, except the seat.

We’re searching for durable adhesives. If anyone has more information, we would really appreciate it! Please contact:

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WORTH Partnership Project