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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
A selection of biomaterials based on food surplus, sourced from household and industrial food production.

Circular Materials

Aqua Faba Foam - tableware prototypes
©Paula Nerlich
This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

The collection 'Circular Materials' invites to explore new possibilities of matter derived from food surplus.

Material Designer Paula Nerlich aims to support the elimination of food waste by using it as resource to create her circular biomaterials.

At 'Rethinking Plastic', by Yksi Expo, she presents her materials 'Aqua Faba Foam' and 'COCOA', as well as her newest material in development 'Cloud Foam' - a super light weight material based on egg shells.

The materials are made with surplus from household and industrial food preparation, and are mixed with further ingredients which are mostly vegan, compostable and non harmful to the environment.

Within her research, the designer explores vegan biomaterials and initiates discourse around the value of waste as resource and the place of new products and materials in a circular economy.
In her newest virtual workshop series 'Circular Home Lab', she invites curious minds to rethink what waste means to us and how this new thinking can be turned into tangible matter.

The material 'Aqua Faba Foam' was recently awarded with the MaDe award for Best Future Vision and the Beyond Plastic Prize and has been on display at the London Design Museum.
'Circular Materials' is also nominated for the Ro Plastic Prize 2020.