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WORTH Partnership Project
Responsive scenery for performances with a user-interface system to control theatre lighting and smart textiles.

Lit Lace Interface

Lit Lace, white light phase (3.75m x 0.5m)
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

This brings together the worlds of sensor technology from CWI Amsterdam and smart textiles from UK experts, Sara+Sarah incorporating Internet of Things technology with newly developed light emitting textiles to allow the artistic control of lighting within and on dynamic backdrops.

This project offers something unique to the performance industry. It builds on previous collaborative work by Sara Robertson and Sarah Taylor from Sara+Sarah - Smart Textile Design, which explored the creative potential of Lit Lace, a newly developed light emitting cloth as dynamic backdrops for theatre. With Jack Jansen and Steven Pemberton from CWI Amsterdam’s Distributed and Interactive Systems research group, we have been able to develop and test a user-interface prototype system based on the Group’s ‘Igor’ Internet of Things architecture to control effects within the cloth, and as part of an existing theatre/performance lighting set-up. As an integrated system, we can offer creative solutions for responsive backdrops and theatre set design, and creative options for performance end users.

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WORTH Partnership Project