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WORTH Partnership Project
Amalgama (amalgam) the realization of a dream. Amalgama was born as a collaboration between Leandro Cano, Mas Telas and Label Graine for WPP


Atenea Martínez
Stylist: Carol Gamarra
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Amalgama is an idea that tries to show how design, handcraft and innovation can express themself togethers. Women-horse print was the interpretation of designer dream. He has tried to represent a dreamlike world full human-animals living in a forest.

Capsule collection shows the main idea of our brand. We create an artistic piece (coat in this case) and taking the inspiration of the artistic piece, we create commercial garment.
Amalgama artistic piece is a quilted printed coat of cotton . Coat is reversible. On the inside, the print has been reproduced in a technique similar to patchwork (traditional Spanish technique named 'almadraba'. The material of the inner side is poplin.
Commercial garments are a tube skirt, a blouse, belt and a scarf, all of them printed with the same design that the coat.

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WORTH Partnership Project