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WORTH Partnership Project
Fully recyclable desk lamp based on advanced bio-materials.

Identity 560

V.M. Behage
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Identity 560 is the first interior product based on advanced bio-composites, which is fully recyclable and/or compostable. This project will demonstrate that design in combination with advanced bio-composites provides an answer to the current challenging circular business concept.

The design intents to combine new materials and technologies such as fully recyclable bio-based composites materials based on polylactic acid, also known as PLA, and create a local identity to which people of a region feel attracted to.
- Design and aesthetics are locally oriented;
- The product is suitable for circular business concepts;
- Application of fully recyclable advanced bio-based materials;
- Designed for repair, reuse and to be fully recyclable, both mechanically as well as molecular recycling;
- After a useful life, full recycling of the Identity 560 desk lamp is carried out by Arapaha.
The “Identity 560” concept is engineered in such a way, that all parts can be easy replaced or dismantled. This to make sure that useful lifetime of the product is as long as possible, but this also improves the recyclability of the whole product trough easy disassembly. Another relevant aspect was, that the whole product is assembled without any metal part. No screws, no springs. Just the usage of the properties of PLA material to solve all technical, aesthetical challenges and guaranty fully recyclability of the components.

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WORTH Partnership Project