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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
Unconventional combining quasi-worthless components to create one-off brooches & necklaces with a greater intrinsic value than the sum of its parts.

From Junk to Jewelry

3D viewing room
Studio-ePosh_brooch_ SistineChapel_purpl_neonOrang
Elleke van Gorsel
This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

For Elleke van Gorsel it is confronting to see how much apparently worthless waste 1 person produces. With these undervalued remnants she creates valuable jewelry that people like to wear.
more conscious view of what is/is not valuable
stimulate the transition to a more sustainable society

In a time where objects and commodities are often mindlessly thrown away, Studio-ePosh decides to go on a search for the undiscovered values and qualities of these under appreciated surpluses.
By having new views on quasi-worthless components and by producing unconventional combinations with these elements, Studio-ePosh creates objects that have a greater intrinsic value than the sum of its parts.
It was confronting for artist/designer Elleke van Gorsel to discover how much junk is produced by only one person each year. Therefore she decided to create valuable pieces of jewelry herewith, which people love to wear, view, hold and touch.
Because the materials of this collection arise from the consumption of one individual, the artist symbolically decided to create one-offs.
With this new collection, Elleke van Gorsel wishes to display the unexpected beauty of garbage, as well as the qualities that have been ever present herein. She hereby hopes to achieve a more conscious view on what is valuable and what is not, in order to stimulate the transition towards a more sustainable society.