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WORTH Partnership Project
Cartiera is an ethical fashion project based on social inclusion of disadvantaged person and sustainable circular production processes.

Change by Cartiera & Swideas

The Change collection
Pictures by Cartiera
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

Cartiera offers concrete responses to different challenges: the creation of new employment opportunities, the economic integration of migrants and asylum seekers, the rediscovery of qualified artisanship, the repopulation of former industrial areas, the recovery of materials destined for disposal.

Cartiera, in partnership with SWIdeas AB, presents CHANGE a collection of high quality leather and African fabric goods. The project talks about Cartiera's issues and, at the same time, about the people who have started a process of empowerment in Cartiera. A process not only intended for the acquisition of new skills, but also for the acquisition of personal autonomy, thanks to the inclusion in a network of relationships and working knowhow. The people who work at Cartiera as artisans are mainly asylum seekers and refugees: they start a path aimed at moving from a condition of economic and social disadvantage to a condition of increased economic possibility and greater inclusion in the local community. The idea of change was the inspiring idea for the entire project, knowing that work is one of the most powerful levers to generate positive changes in the condition of disadvantaged people. These inspiring reflections have been translated into three different prototypes of leather and EFI fabric, which are multipurpose accessories, as they can act as a bag, as a pouch or as a backpack.

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WORTH Partnership Project