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WORTH Partnership Project
3D collaborative fashion design


This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

t-Studio developed 3D software tech to enable a collaborative design workflow on fashion value chain.

During years as a designers, we noticed how the fashion industry still was traditional and centralized, while almost every other industry had discovered new ways of doing business.
”As a small designer today, you have a million ways to reach consumers – so you shouldn’t need to be dependent on the big fashion retailers. So, what if I could find a way to decentralize the market and connect the whole industry? I wanted to create the Airbnb for fashion. Together, we could create a bigger supply chain than all the big fashion companies”, says Alexandre Lordelo.
So, instead of designing and producing garments, Alexandre recruited a team and started to develop a software. The software had two purposes at the same time; to connect the industry and to provide a tool for 3D visualization during the design process.
The prototypes of the software worked fine, but after a while, Alexandre realized he needed to be closer to the European fashion industry in order to scale up. So, he sold his car, took the money he had left, and flew to Europe.
”This is a solution where everyone is winning. It will be easier for big companies to get in touch with smaller designers and producers”

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WORTH Partnership Project