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Het circulaire station

(Archive) Bioreceptive Stations

Healthy and Circular Railways

This project was part of DDW 2020
Bioreceptive Stations - Bioreceptive Barrier — © Scape Agency

Scape Agency explores with Bioreceptive Stations how railway infrastructure can actively contribute to the green and healthy living environment of tomorrow. Recycled concrete crossbeams are transformed into modular building elements that stimulate the growth of CO2 absorbing microbial ecosystems.

An initial analysis showed that travelers have their most pleasant experiences during the actual transit between stations, where they enjoy the open freedom and calm of the natural landscape. Bioreceptive Stations sets out to create a circular icon for th

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Bioreceptive Stations - Materials Research — © Scape Agency

Bioreceptive Stations - Moss Research — © Scape Agency

Bioreceptive Stations - Prototype — © Scape Agency

Bioreceptive Stations - Exposition

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Het circulaire station

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