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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
a biodegradable alternativ material


bio plastic & textile exhibits mixed
This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

The concept is to transform the banana peel from a waste product into a sustainable, natural material and therefore extend the circular loop of the banana fruit.

KUORI is a concept of a biodegradable alternative material under consideration by the recycling economy. It consists of banana peel, which gets thrown away as a by-product of our daily consumption. Bananas are among the most popular fruits in Switzerland. In contrast to also-popular domestic apples, the entire demand for bananas must be imported. This takes 20-30 days and costs a lot of energy, so why don't we use the whole banana?

The experiment serves as an approach to solve the disposal of non-recyclable products. The existing material allows cautious processing, such as sewing, cutting, gluing, laser cutting, injection moulding, granulate production and film extrusion.

*The photographs shown here show the current status of the project. This project is sill in development and will be exhibited in December 2020 as a Bachelor project at the HGK Basel.

For further information you can contact me via my email address or Instagram sarah.harbarth