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Archiprix 2020
by Phuong Dao

Another Space: Architectural Space, Site, Human

A sculpture-based experience in Another Space.
This project is part of Archiprix 2020

Everything is changing, everybody is evolving.
Today the flood, what is going to be tomorrow.
You may tell that natural disasters force us to fight against to survive.
I would argue that to survive is to evolve, and I want to develop architecture together with this evolution, of mankind and nature.

Looking at the central regions of Vietnam hit by annual floods, I do not believe in the problematic matter, but the opportunity to find the harmony between this condition of the site, and the livings of the inhabitants.
Based on the architectural essence of the vernacular house in this region, I introduced the grid concept with openings that invite water into the house. While water has a certain influence on space, the inhabitants also have a choice to live with this condition by manipulating the empty unit- the opening of the house.
I think it is important to note that space is not a rigid entity, but changes and evolves due to the context; the progress of evolving is the progress of going through struggling and conflicts, longing for a perfect balance, the ideal harmony that I mentioned; they are exactly the experience I had while walking on the line, sailing on the water in the experimental phase.
By designing the tangible outcome of architecture, I aim to show you the two-way conversation between human and nature, they are equal in a supportive and constructive relationship. This is my approach to sustainability in our built environment, our co-existence with the world.