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WORTH Partnership Project
Fashion garments for independent and urban sitting users.

UCQC - inclusive fashion

UCQC Women Raw Jeans, Cream T-shirt
Gasper Markun
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

How we look affects our mind and surroundings and to have a meaningful  life should be a privilege. UCQC provides persons who use a wheelchair not only an option of getting dressed attractive and functional but a fitting and look that boosts self confidence.
In tight collaboration with the users UCQC have done their first small collection of four garments. Each garment is made to facilitate dressing and boost a more independent lifestyle. Everything from the choice of material, the cut and each small add-on is perceived as a fresh fashion detail and yet to improve the dressing experience for wheelchair users.  The two founders of UCQC, Hedvig af Ekenstam and Maja Simunovic are triggered about how functionality and fashion could meet in a new innovative way. Their aim is to include users in the process of making fashion for them.

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WORTH Partnership Project