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WORTH Partnership Project
Fugazi Fugazi* is a terrazzo brand created
by Studio Soethoudt and RMC.

Fugazi Fugazi

3D viewing room
Fugazi Fugazi | Coffee table + cabinet
Studio Soethoudt
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

The furniture developed by the project will bring together tradition, aesthetics and functionality. New products using this material will help the partnership to revive the declining terrazzo craft.

In its origin terrazzo was created as a cheap, fake alternative to marble. With Fugazi Fugazi Studio Soethoudt strives to place terrazzo outside of the shadow of its pristine and high-class cousin. It’s not the goal to reinvent the wheel but to add motion to the cycle of terrazzo’s identity and possibilities.

Next to a tile collection, furniture pieces will be created that focus on what Dion Soethoudt coins as ‘sustainability in sentiment’ which goes against the notion of planned obsolescence but instead focusses on multi-generational ownership. Design becomes a family piece, an heirloom, part of a household’s identity.

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WORTH Partnership Project