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Het circulaire station

(Archive) Expeditie Circulair

To discover the hidden circular potential and local quality around the small stations in the Netherlands.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Expeditie Circular — © Bygg architecture & design

Bygg A&D and ProRail introduces Expeditie Circulair, in which we discover the hidden circulair opportunities around the small stations in the netherlands. The aim of the expedition is to activate the local community and make them part of the circular transition.

‘Expeditie Circulair’ is a service designed by Bygg architecture & design that targets the circular potential around a small station, through inclusive and circular design approach.
The aim of this expedition is to activate circular thinking in the

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Expeditie Circular : workshop tools — © Barbara Medo

Expeditie Circular : bouwsysteem — © Barbara Medo

Expeditie Circular : landelijk station — © Bygg architecture & design

Expeditie Circular : stedelijk station

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Het circulaire station

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