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WORTH Partnership Project
Luxury handcrafted bags with integrated wireless charging for people on the go

Ashiq Studio Luxury Handcrafted Bags

photo: emily lucienne
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

The luxury handcrafted bags integrate super slim wireless charging which is seamlessly in built and invisible, merging craft with tech. The minimalist bag charges your mobile on the go. The bags celebrate craft and slow fashion; hand cut veg tan leather is hand sewn in small local workshops.

The luxury laptop sleeve, tote bag and clutch are meticulously handcrafted. Whilst craft is celebrated, the bags also embrace contemporary demands; a lightweight and super slim modular inner pocket is built within the interchangeable sleeve with the ability to charge your mobile wirelessly when placing this in direct contact.

We care about attention to detail and each item is made with the utmost passion and dedication. Local handcraft skills are valued and celebrated. Sabah develops each individual design herself using traditional handcraft methods in combination with advances in technology such as induction charging.

Sabah has built a successful career as an Architect. She still maintains the same appreciation for the beauty of architecture and through Ashiq studio she looks to bring the beauty she sees in architecture into people’s everyday lives.Her leather architecture is characterised by minimalist design where curves and straight lines come together seamlessly on imperfect raw leather. The contrast between the precision of the lines and the uneven texture of the leather makes each piece unique.

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WORTH Partnership Project