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Archiprix 2020

Description by Design: Rotterdam Epiphanies

polyptych of 5 constructed moments of epiphany
This project is part of Archiprix 2020

The phenomenon of epiphany forms the basis for the design method presented in this project
Applied as a case study in the heart of Rotterdam, the process leads to a series of interventions, means of activation for spatial awareness in the public space

Within the contemporary field of architecture, this project presents an alternative set of design tools exposing the potential of existing public spaces with the aim of strengthening their meaning and appropriation
Description by Design focuses on the discovery of a location by using the design as a description tool
The initial recognition of the existing context with all its layers is enriched with the subjectivity of the designer
Collages and analogies stimulate collective memory and form the pattern for the physical transformation of the location
The daily user becomes the intermediary between meaning and experience, between reality and interpretation
The interventions located between Coolsingel, Hoogstraat & Beurstraverse result from the designers recognition of unseen medieval ingredients within a modern body
Just as the surrealists reacted to the worn-out content of their time through a systematic rearrangement of its components, the designer is able to generate striking revelations affecting the contemporary viewer, and recognize the potential for constant renewal in existing environments loading and reloading places with meaning