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Het circulaire station

(Archive) Het Circulaire Station

STV (Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven) developed a collection of sustainable building materials made from local raw materials for the circular station.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Riet wordt handmatig geoogst in februari — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

Crops grow along the 3,000 km of railway track that ProRail manages, which we can use in a circular manner as raw material for sustainable building materials. The goal of STV is to reduce CO2 emissions, extract land very locally, low toxicity and support water quality and biodiversity.

For ProRail, STV developed a sandwich panel made of reed from the Weerribben, a biological composite veneer of natural pigments and bulrush fiber and a concrete substitute for mussel shells from Zeeland. In order to be able to apply these materials, STV h

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Bergen van mosselschelpen in Yerseke — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

Lisdodde oogst in Friesland — © Studio Tjeerd veenhoven

Het Circulaire Station/Rendering van het Paviljoen — © Welling Architects

Rendering van het Paviljoen en de zitobjecten

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Het circulaire station

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